Full Disclosure

Well, a lot has happened over the last couple of days so I’ll just post this first-up before I go on a rant.



So the first thing I did the other day was upload a trailer to YouTube but leave it “unlisted”. I posted a link to it on twitter and publicly said the name of the game for the first time. The tweet went absolutely crazy instantly with re-tweets allover the world from so many amazing people.

Then, I posted the trailer on Facebook and started responding to twitter comments that were flooding in. I then posted on reddit with an amazing result over there. I clicked “Publish” on the YouTube video so it aggregated a little automatic post to all my social media connections there and pushed to all the subscribers. Then I posted the blog post here which automatically pushed to Facebook and Twitter.

After that was all publicly revealed, I spent some time talking to people about the game all-over the internet, and I sent a quick link to Simon Roth over Skype, which he seemed to think was pretty cool.

A few particular media people had asked me to keep them in the loop in the past, so I sent them a quick bit of contact to let them know I’d pushed out some new info. They seemed happy with that. The day pottered on with lots of excited people talking about how much they loved the trailer, and I sat at the top of /r/gamedev on reddit until I went to bed.

I woke up in the morning to see a post on Rock Paper Shotgun and I was shaking with amazement. Simon had sent the trailer to them and they seemed to really like it. A few other media-mentions popped up the next day, and things have just been crazy busy since. I’ve received some really interesting emails from lots of different people and everyone overall seems really excited about Black Annex.

So, with that, BlackAnnex.net launched the next evening to give me a central place just to gather the media for the game so I can keep this blog just for my normal ranty updates.

It’s been an amazing few days and now I’ve got a huge amount of expectations to live up to. Still gotta finish the PAX demo.

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