March to PAXAus – Day 27: A UI Grind

Overhauling the UI elements is a really tedious task of constantly adjusting values by tiny amounts, recompiling and testing it in-game. It takes hours to just relocate a bunch of icons and make them draggable.

grinding on the UII’ve got the “Available Staff” window and the “Current Solution” window where I want them to be now as far as the Beta product goes. The Abilities menu is really taking a long time as I need to make a sensible and easy-to-understand way to explain to the player that they’ve got two classes of agents and two sets of abilities that need to be assigned accordingly.

At the moment it’s a total mess, but it always is when it’s halfway finished. It’s function, but just horribly ugly. Still a ton of work to do.

Oh, I also fixed a bug. It turned out that if you removed all your agents from the current solution, you were totally unable to add any new ones to the list. That had me stumped for a good hour or two.

One thought on “March to PAXAus – Day 27: A UI Grind

  1. If something like UI is taking up your time with mindless repetitive tweaking – it’s *always* worth writing some code to make it easier! :D It doesn’t even have to be an elaborate tool.

    For instance you could have a simple text file with a number on each line and each number is a variable for the UI width, height, etc Then in the code have a function that will load that file and overwrite the current variables in the UI. Then bind it to a key. Now you don’t have to recompile. (Of course there are many ways to do this kind of thing but I think that’s probably the easiest to write quickly!)

    The game looks great and Qbasic seems to have really helped with getting press! I hope it does well!

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