Floor is Lava

So I talked about particles the other day when I pushed the prototype into the game engine and got them working, but I had to do some work to make them really “exist” in the game world. The first thing to do was make sure you couldn’t see them through walls, and I’ve now given them the ability to “collide” with the floor.

As an example, I’ve made “Bullet Casings” eject from guns fired and bounce on the floor before coming to a resting stop and fading away. To do this, I had to make the X axis inertia inherit the direction the creature was facing when he fired the gun to make sure the bullet fires out of the “back” of the gun. On top of this, the particles are told, when they spawn, how high above the floor are they. The floor is defined as the bottom-most pixel of the sprite that emits them.

Using this information, the particle can tell when it has hit the floor, however, because the game camera is skewed isometrically, the floor is angled. If the creature is facing North or East, the floor behind the creature is tilted “downwards”, otherwise it tilts “upwards”. The further the particle has traveled horizontally, the further the floor has skewed.

With much fiddling, bullet casings now bounce along the floor as per the rules of the isometric camera, and any particle can follow the same rules with a simple “CollidesWithFloor” flag.

That was certainly a whole lot of words that probably make no sense out of context, but I’m still pretty happy with the result; I’m wondering if I should make particles bounce off walls now.

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