Stress Less

‘Spent a lot of time over the past ten days working constantly. I made a decently-scaled “Stress Test” map and really saw the game’s framerate drop, so I’ve worked on a lot more occlusion to make things run a lot snappier. The game is now slowed down by the AI that makes movement and pathing decisions, and the z-Axis scaler on the camera. I think the former probably has room for speed improvement down the line.

I’ve also been, as was the case with the previous post, working hard on a lot of the game-specific functions at play. I don’t want to go into too much details on the meat of any “game” at this pre-alpha point, so you can just watch a video and see what new things you can notice at that moment.


Furnish Corridor

I’ve made an improved version of the Campaign Editor now that actually allows you to load-in a campaign you’ve created; previously you could save your campaigns but never re-open them for editing. That’s finally working.

There’s not a lot to talk about at the moment as a lot of work has been done lately in expanding the game engine to implement a lot of game-specific functions for the current project, which I can’t really elaborate on at the moment in much detail. However, I can deliver a new video for the new month, as well as a screenshot!