Corpse Hour

I’ve spent the last few days drawing corpses in heaps of different positions and integrating them into the game. When someone dies, it randomly picks one of the corpse positions for that particular character design. Some awkwardness came from the fact that corpses are a fair bit larger than the normal character sprites and they span more than a single tile, so I’ve actually made the game render all corpses before any other entities to make sure they go underneath everything else.

I’ve spent a fair bit of time on the “Dying” and “Dead” logic while making these work and it seems to be in a pretty good place now. Unfortunately, when you destroy a computer, it drops a human corpse at the moment. Easy to fix; a silly result.

Animating Behaviours

I’ve spent a lot of time recently finishing off a sheet of graphics for one set of human characters. Now that a lot of graphics are available, I’ve started adding in new animation routines to play-out in different situations.

Making these work has lead to the creation of new behaviours to go along with the graphics. Now, when an entity wants to react to a gunshot by returning fire, they first check if they can actually get a bead on their target. If they can’t, they will start running towards the place where the sound came from. As soon as they can see their target, they go back to walking and start shooting at it. If the lose sight again, they’ll run.

Lots of other little animation details have been worked in now; creatures always face the direction they’re shooting at, creatures play with computers while working on them, and a few other little details.

Here’s a quick video.